Lutnik Kowalski


   My name is Tomasz Kowalski. I was born on 21st November 1966 in Nowy Targ. From an early age I was interested in music and arts. As a violin maker I try to combine the passion and skills I acquired throughout my life. As a young I worked in the workshop of artistic furniture. At 21 years old, I got a master`s degree in furniture carpentry. The summary of this period was the international exhibition in Belgium, where I presented my work. My work has been awarded. As a carpenter I dealt mainly with maintenance and restoration of antique furniture. However, my passion from the beginning was to create a musical instrument, which is why I started the practice in the workshop of master Jan Bobak located in Nowy Targ. During ten years I created instruments for the famous American company "William Harris Lee". In 1995 I became a member of the Association of Polish Violin Makers Association. To explore art and its history, I visited the major European centres of violin making. I have visited many exhibitions of stringed instruments in Italy, France, Great Britain, Poland, Germany and Austria. Thanks to my postgraduate studies, I had the opportunity to become familiar with many original instruments from the Baroque period and got to know their specifics. For over 20 years I have been subscribing the trade magazines, studying the latest research in the field of the art of violin making, modern methods of constructing and maintaining instruments. After years of training and learning, in 1999 I opened my own studio called "Kowalski Violin Makers Workshop". Throughout this period, I took part in many exhibitions presenting their works. To this day I take part in seminars and luthiers’ meetings, where we exchange our knowledge, so that I am able to meet the high demands of my customers. My instruments are played in many orchestras in cities such as Tokyo, Chicago, Helsinki, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow, Warsaw and many others.

   My knowledge and practice, I try to convey to my son Daniel Kowalski. From birth he had a fascination with music and art. At age 6, he began studying the violin at the music school in Nowy Targ. While watching my work, he became impressed by the construction of the instruments, which resulted in the fact that in 2002 he enrolled at the National School of Fine Arts in Zakopane in "violin-making". Under the supervision of Masters George Nitonia and Stanislas Marduły he gained basic knowledge and skills needed in his future profession. After graduating from high school, he took on practice a few years in the studio Maciej lack. He is currently working and is still learning at my company, (winning the secrets of knowledge to be able in the future to earn a decent representation of the family workshop).