Lutnik Kowalski


     In this section I will present to you where and how we work, what tools to use and what technology we use.

   Our workshop has collected a lot of material needed to build the highest quality stringed instruments over many years. Wood that we use is properly stored and seasoned. We obtain them from our native forests and also import from countries with suitable climate. Over the years we have collected a lot of material, so that, through proper selection, we are able to create an instrument that could satisfy even the most demanding customers.

   We have been using professional tools which were sponsored by the European Union in 2014. The grand allowed us to work in the more precisely way and take care of our instruments. We have special clamps to repair a broken plate in the most sensitive places and adjust instruments to the fingerboard.

   Thanks to the knowledge, skills and tools we can use different woodworking techniques such as:
       • encrustation - decorating instruments with different materials, e.g. with precious stones;
       • marquetry - combining more than one species of wood;
       • carving
These techniques make our instruments unique and tailored to individual customer requirements.