Lutnik Kowalski

Kowalski Violin Maker

Kowalski`s violin maker workshop is a family-owned business for the making, adjusting and maintenance of string instruments. My name is Tomasz Kowalski and alongside my son Daniel we make the best master class violins, violas and cellos. As violin makers, we want to offer you the highest quality service and advice that everyone appreciates. With passion, we are devoted to the creation of new works and reproduce the instruments of the old masters. Our offer includes instruments inspired by the achievements of artists such as Antonio Stradivari, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini Paolo Maggini, Dominico Montag, Francesco Gobetti, Guarnneri Del Gesu and the Amatich family. On this website you can see and evaluate our work and become familiar with the opinions of other customers who have already visited us. We are happy to answer your questions related to our trade.

In addition to the championship instruments, our range also includes instruments from the student line, differing only in aesthetic qualities of the material and cheaper accessories (pegs, strings, etc.). One of the strengths of the company is the decorative techniques: inlay, marquetry and woodcarving. Thanks to this, by combining many passions and skills, our instruments do not only have an artistic dimension but also a spiritual one as well. We look forward to sharing with you their creativity and knowledge, in order to help you choose an individualized instrument for life.